QPAT: Technology development, engineering and translation to commercial scale for bio and chemical industries.

QbD Purple Advanced Technologies (QPAT) is a privately held company actively involved in services pertaining to technology development, engineering, and technology translation from lab to commercial scale for biotechnology, biologics, pharmaceutical, food, feed, agro, fine chemical, and natural product industries. The technologies are developed based on indigenous know-how, innovations, and specialized or customized to the need of the process and products. We are recognized for our strength and expertise in molecule development (product design and expression), upstream (production and extraction technologies) and downstream processes (purification technologies) with strong analytical characterization as well as ability to develop process control and automation for production plants.


Our capabilities include all aspects of technology development from concept at lab scale to piloting and commercialization, along with engineering support

Our business model addresses the advanced manufacturing strategies with systematic plan from development to engineering and scale up offerings for several industries.

1) Fermentation (for health and commodity products)

2) Biopharmaceutical and Biological

3) Pharmaceutical

4) Natural products, Nutraceuticals and Health suppliments

5) Food and food ingredients

6) Feed and feed ingredients

7) Agroprocessing and agrochemicals

8) Fine chemicals and ingredients

9) Flavour and fragrances

10) Edible oils, fats, waxes and surfactants

11) Enzyme and biocatalysis

12) Dehydration of food and solvents

Process development and scale up:

  • Development

 Design and development of processes using QbD approach

  • Demonstration

Showcasing working process at our and/or clients site

  • Scale up

 Scaling up the technology to pilot, followed by commercial scale


Process Engineering, supply of engineered equipment’s and services available:

1) Basic Engineering

    • Drawing material and energy balance
    • Process flow diagrams
    • Process SOP and process controls, logic
    • Process time cycle scheduling

2) Detailed Engineering

    • Process and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID)
    • Layout and GA (main plant and site)
    • Designing of key equipment’s
    • Process control, instrumentation and automation

3) Design, fabrication and supply of key equipment’s

    • Purification (chromatographic systems: Batch and continuous system)
    • Filtration equipment’s (Membrane and others)
    • Sourcing and supply of suitable equipment’s from global vendors
    • Equipment’s for dehydration of food
    • Equipment’s for dehydration of solvents

4) Commissioning of pilot and commercial plant and services

    • Commissioning of pilot and full scale plants
    • Documentation
    • Post commissioning services and maintenance
    • Expertise and manpower training