QbD Purple Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd.​

Translating Science. Empowering Technologies.

At QPAT, we dedicate our days to design, develop, and translate the innovative and scalable solution into successful business models – pushing the boundaries of science and engineering to transform upstream and downstream processing technologies for well being.

API / Pharmaceuticals

Agro / Food Processing

Nutraceuticals / Health Supplements

Enzymes & Biocatalysis

Moleucular / Synthetic Biology


Feed & Ingredients

Dehydration (Food & Solvents)

Flavours / Fragrances

Food & Ingredients

Herbal & Natural Products

Biopharmaceuticals & Biologicals

Oils, Fats & Surfactants

Fine Chemicals / Ingredients


About Us

QbD Purple Advanced Technologies (QPAT) Private Limited is a privately held company actively involved in technology development of various process technologies in the field of biotechnology, biologics, pharma, food, feed, agro, fine chemical and natural products.


QPAT is established with a vision to design, develop, translate and practice innovative and sustainable technologies for the benefit of well being, and environment. 


Our mission is to become a renowned company for delivering superior and scalable technologies to society by successfully translating science to sustainable technologies.

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